All-round ventilation equipment solutions

Easy Fong Enterprise is a professional ventilation equipment manufacturer, specializing in ventilation planning and all-round ventilation equipment for factories, greenhouses, animal husbandry and commercial spaces.

Specializing in product development and design to ventilation planning, Easy Fong Enterprise is committed to providing customers with high-quality ventilation equipment and planning service. Customers' issues of ventilation, heat dissipation, dust and odor are to be solved through our professional service.

All-round ventilation equipment including negative pressure fan, positive pressure fan, water cooling fan, solar-powered exhaust fan, mobile fans and water wall cooling system, and etc., as the most complete selection for customers.
What type of ventilation equipment fits my requirement?
※Please refer to [Example Information] to enter the relevant data of the building you plan to estimate, and then you can retrieve the number of fans recommended for installation!! We are the professional ventilation equipment manufacturers providing negative pressure fans, positive pressure fans, water cooling fans, eco-friendly air conditioners, water curtain cooling systems, and etc. Our ventilation equipment is suitable for factories, greenhouses and livestock farms with, and effectively solves the problems of stuffy heat and poor ventilation.
Ventilation principle and FAQ
Please check the FAQ here. If you cannot find the answer, please contact us.